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Game Notes

This game is inspired by Space Hulk SP. I have only recently discovered it but thought that I would have more time to play it on my mobile phone so I set about implementing it. I have borrowed the graphics and the maps and introductions from Space Hulk SP but completely rewrote the game source code.

As much as possible I have developed this game based on the rules of the first edition of the board game detailed here. As with any translation from board game to computer game some of the rules had to be modified.


Although the timer can add a immediacy to a game to make it more exciting I didn't feel this was appropriate for a single player mobile phone version of the game. I wanted the experience to be a more considered approach allowing for interruptions that may occur from the real world.


The effect of the flamer also had to be changed. The whole concept of the section does not exist in the mobile edition so the flamer has been changed to effect a distance of 6 squares with an arc angle of 20 degrees. Also the Genestealer cannot move within the flamed area at all.


To me it didn't make sense that the Genestealers can open and close doors. I see them more as animals than human but maybe other people have different views. Therefore Genestealers will always attack the doors.

Second Edition

In order to limit scope of this project I have decided to stick with the first edition rules. Once I finish this I will review the second edition rules to see what changes may be appropriate.